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Dear fashion, lately we’ve been noticing a special glow about you, and P.S.- we love it. From iridescent Dior frocks to Burberry’s shimmering trench coats, Spring style is getting its gleam on. Slip into your own shine with this sneaky DIY that cranks up the wattage on a simple pair of kicks.

To create: Cover the rubber rim and tag of the sneaker with paper tape. Next, use a foam brush to coat the shoe with a thin layer of acrylic paint (choose a paint color that compliments the iridescent film, as it will show through). Use scissors to cut 1” squares of the iridescent film, then crinkle each square. Spread mod podge on each piece of film and begin to layer onto surface of sneaker. Continue until the entire surface is covered in iridescent film. Finish and seal with another coat of mod podge, then trim any edges hanging over. Let dry completely before wearing. 
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Curated by The Jane Doze

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